Santa Fe National Forest Site Stewards

Events & Lectures

Site Steward Lecture Series 2017 - 2018

All lectures will be held at the forest service office located at 11 Forest Lane, approximately 6 miles southwest of Santa Fe, off the intersection of NM 14 and NM 599, directly east of the Rail Runner Station. Doors open at 5:15. Lectures begin at 6:00 and go until 7:00. You are welcome to bring a brown bag supper to enjoy before or during the lecture.



April 4, 2018. Gail Bryant and Mike Bremer  "The Singing Stones of the San Luis Valley"

What do kiva bells, lithophones and singing stones all have in common ?  Come eat, socialize and get introduced to some new and fascinating information.  Mike and Gail presenting for our last get together of the season.

Gail will moderate the presentation (video and film) prepared by Marilyn Martorano, RPA of Martorano Consultants LLC of Longmont, Colorado.  The presentation will introduce lithophones of the world with demo, photos, and video.  Her work has included such stones from the San Luis Valley, Colorado.

Gail is the Chair of the Site Stewards Continuing Education committee.  Mike is the Heritage Resource Program Manager of the Santa Fe National Forest.

Previous Lectures

September 6, 2017.  Rob Weiner.  "New Perspectives on Chaco Canyon: Gambling, Astronomy, and Exotica "

Rob Weiner comes to us as a Research Affiliate with the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology at Brown University.  His experience includes work in Turkey and Rhode Island as well as in the southwest.

As noted at Rob is a Southwestern archaeologist with a special interest in the archaeology of Chaco Canyon. He completed a joint BA/MA in archaeology at the Joukowsky Institute of Archaeology and the Ancient World in 2016. His master's thesis, entitled "The Archaeology and the Mythology of Gambling at Chaco Canyon," involved the study of the gaming pieces in the Chaco collections held by the American Museum of Natural History and the National Museum of Natural History.  Rob is also a member of Anna Sofaer's Solstice Project.

October 4, 2017.  Anne Beckett and Jo Douglas.  "Archeological/historical sites in Shetland and Orkney"

Anne and Jo were two in a group of four that went on a trip to the Shetland and Orkney Islands north of Scotland.  Their report will include, but not be limited to, the sites of Jarlshof, Skara Brae, Broch of Gurness, Ring of Brodgar, Standing Stones of Stenness, Tomb of the Eagles, Italian Chapel, Croft House Museum and St. Magnus Cathedral.  They also have observations about the resilience of the people currently residing in a remote place that is "not easy" in which to live.

November 1, 2017.  John Pitts.  "Cross-Border Rock Art Recording, or How Five New Mexico Trained Surveyors/Recorders Managed to Tackle the Petrified Forest NP, Arizona"

John is now formally titled a "Research Associate" at the NM Museum of Indian Art and Culture (MIAC), along with other well-known individuals Polly Schaafsma and Dwane Anderson.

It is often a challenge to transfer skills and methodology for Rock Art Recording from one state to another.  In fact, it is even difficult to agree in one state how to do it and what forms to use and where to store the resulting information.  This challenge did not discourage fellow Site Stewards (Santa Fe National Forest), who also cover BLM, Bandelier NM, and even LANL, from trying. 

John Pitts spent two years in obtaining permission from the Petrified Forest National Park authorities to record rock art primarily found in the "New Territories" while searching for examples of the Desert Archaic-style Rock art.  His organization, the JPRARA (JP Rock Art Research Associates) has expanded to include five experienced recorders from New Mexico.  So far this has resulted in three voluminous reports covering three distinct areas of the Park, which has extended the existing knowledge of the Park on rock art presence.  In doing the field research the team found amazing geologic features and a concurrence of rock art styles, with some exceptions, and a clear relationship between the locations of rock art and natural features (including celestial events).  

In this presentation, Mr. Pitts will demonstrate the challenges of rock art recording, as well as the joys of raising the overall scientific knowledge of those rock art discoveries.  We will see lots of rock art images which defy explanation.

February 7, 2018.  Phil Young and David Kozlowski. "Hawaii"

David Kozlowski (SiteWatch Galisteo Basin Coordinator) gives this description of the talk:  "As part of the Site Steward Lecture Series, Phil Young and I will be presenting a slide show on our trips to the Big Island last March: some sea, some flora and fauna, some volcanoes, and some archaeology."  Phil Young adds: "I hope you'll come and join us for a quick tour of some National Park areas on Hawaii."


March 7, 2018.  Isabel Caravahal and Beth Parisi. "Portugal: Archaeology and World Heritage"

Beth has always had an interest in history and archaeology.  After moving to New Mexico she developed a love of southwestern archaeology.  She joined the SF National Forest Site Stewards shortly after the organization was formed in 1998.  Since then she has also been actively involved with the Site Steward Foundation, Site Watch, and the South Park Site Stewards in Colorado.  She has completed Colorado's Program for Avocational Archaeology.